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relaxing tantric massages fuengirola masaje pareja erotic
Relaxing Tantric Massage

All our masseuses printed his personal seal and therefore each Body-Body massage will make you feel new sensations and will perceive in each different but with the same level of professionalism style.

Every time one of our masseuses gives you your Body-Body Massage is a new massage and a new experience, a new discovery of feelings and rewarding very pleasant surprises. Come and see.

Enjoy the contact and fondling of the whole body of our masseuses.

30 Min.
1 Hour
melee tantric massages fuengirola erotico costa del sol magico
Melee Tantric Massage

Melee Massage, an authentic and invigorating gift for both body and soul.

Is one of the best massages on the menu, a blend of different techniques that combines eroticism with sensitivity. It is a dynamic massage, the client playing a central role in the magic that happens in the room.

One of the most important characteristics of the Melee Massage is that it combines different techniques to offer clients. Come to try this wonderful interactive massage.

30 Min.
1 Hour
vip tantric massage fuengirola erotico masaje mano
VIP Tantric Massage

It’s an interactive massage or mutual massage allows you to participate actively in the experience, interacting with the fully integrated masseuse. A new perspective for massage that enhances sensations.

With the selection of interactive massages offered by Tantric Massages Fuengirola you can go through the completely naked body of a spectacular masseuse, who will guide you and teach you how to caress a woman’s body, while enjoying the touch of her skin.

30 Min.
1 Hour
four hands tantric massage fuengirola cuatro manos erotico tantra
Four Hands Tantric Massage

Enjoy double the sensations with our 4 hands massages. Maximum pleasure and relaxation at the hands of two expert and sensual masseuses.

The massage is based on ancient techniques of Hindu origin, combined perfectly with disciplines such as tantric massage and Thai massage. In this type of massage, the joint action of two masseuses multiplies the sensations to take us to discover the true pleasure of the senses.

Masseuses massage all areas of the body using symmetrical techniques, perfectly synchronized. Each focusing on different parts of the body with pleasant free movements.

1 Hour
1 Hour 30 Min.
couples tantric massage fuengirola pareja erotico
Couples Tantric Massages

We offer you an unforgettable experience to escape from the daily routine and discover new sensations with your partner with our massages for couples.

You can enjoy with your partner with our expert tantric masseuses and unleash their fantasies. Surprise your partner with an interactive body experience with our sensual masseuses that will allow you to discover, experience and explore unknown pleasures.

1 Hour
1 Hour 30 Min.
tantric massages fuengirola massages erotic masaje erotico
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