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Sensitive massage or tantric massage?

A sensitive massage is not the same as an erotic massage, one needs certain connotations, moods and certain requirements that the other does not need. That is why below we will tell you what an erotic massage is and what a tantric massage is, and what variants we can ask an erotic masseuse.

Sensitive Massage

This is the most common. Many girls, experts on the subject, love to give an erotic massage to get excited and put themselves in the situation, but the truth is that knowing how to give a good massage is an art! There are many types of erotic massages, but perhaps the best known, or if not the most popular, are: Traditional erotic massage wrapped in caresses. Body-to-body massage, that is, based on the friction of the parts of the body, excluding the hands. 4 hands massage. Sensual message.

Tantra Massage

On the other hand, tantric massage is something more special than erotic, because it plays a different role. Spirituality, or rather tantric philosophy, is the basis of these massages because pleasure is sought in a space beyond the physical and with it, the combination and increase in the duration of tantric orgasms.

What is sensitive massage, and how does it differ from traditional massage?

Sensitive massage, also known as gentle touch therapy, is a therapeutic approach that emphasizes a soft, nurturing touch over the deeper pressure techniques used in traditional massages like Swedish or deep tissue. Unlike traditional massages that target specific muscle groups with firm pressure, sensitive massage focuses on gentle strokes and subtle movements to promote relaxation and release tension. It is designed to cater to individuals who may find traditional massages too intense or uncomfortable, offering a soothing alternative that respects the body’s natural rhythms and sensitivities.

What are the primary benefits of sensitive massage?

Sensitive massage offers a range of benefits that extend beyond physical relaxation. It is particularly effective in reducing stress and anxiety by promoting the release of oxytocin, a hormone associated with feelings of contentment and relaxation. Physically, it helps alleviate muscle tension and pain without the discomfort sometimes associated with deep tissue work. Moreover, sensitive massage enhances emotional well-being by fostering a sense of security and connection through gentle, compassionate touch.


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Who can benefit most from sensitive massage techniques

Sensitive massage is ideal for individuals with heightened sensitivity to touch or those recovering from injuries where traditional massage may be too intense. It is also beneficial for older adults or individuals with chronic conditions such as fibromyalgia or arthritis, as it provides gentle relief without exacerbating existing pain. Additionally, anyone seeking relaxation, stress reduction, or emotional healing can benefit from the nurturing and calming effects of sensitive massage.

Are there any risks or side effects associated with sensitive massage?

Generally, sensitive massage is considered safe when performed by a trained therapist. Finding a qualified therapist for sensitive massage involves researching reputable practitioners in your area who specialize in gentle touch therapies. Look for certifications from a recognized massage therapy center in the area, and read client reviews to gauge their expertise and client satisfaction. It’s important to schedule a consultation or initial session to discuss your specific needs and expectations, ensuring compatibility and comfort, before committing to ongoing sessions.

Be careful with deception, many massage centers in Fuengirola pose as professionals, creating expectations that are never met. Deceiving clients, with fake photos and cheap services.

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sensitive massage

What should I expect during a sensitive massage session?

During a sensitive massage session, you can expect a serene and tranquil environment designed to promote relaxation. The therapist will use gentle strokes and light pressure techniques tailored to your preferences and comfort level. Communication is key, so feel free to discuss any concerns or preferences beforehand. The session typically focuses on areas of tension or discomfort, aiming to soothe muscles and promote a sense of deep relaxation and well-being.

How often should I receive a sensitive massage for optimal results?

The frequency of sensitive massage sessions depends on individual needs and goals. For general relaxation and stress relief, weekly or bi-weekly sessions may be beneficial. Individuals may benefit from more frequent sessions initially, gradually tapering off as symptoms improve. It’s essential to discuss your goals with your therapist to create a personalized treatment plan that optimizes results while respecting your body’s response to therapy.

What types of oils and tools are used in sensitive massage?

Sensitive massage typically incorporates hypoallergenic oils such as jojoba, almond, or coconut oil, chosen for their nourishing and skin-soothing properties. Aromatherapy oils like lavender or chamomile may also be used to enhance relaxation. Tools such as warmed towels, heated stones, or gentle massage implements may complement the therapist’s techniques, promoting deeper relaxation and muscle tension relief. Some examples of tantric massages are: Yoni, Lingam, Four Hands, Skin to Skin or Nuru. So here are some of the fundamental differences between these massages, which if you know how to behave well, can be an art of seduction and sexuality… Don’t wait any longer and enjoy our erotic massage fuengirola now!

Every massage has a purpose beyond pleasure: enter the depths of the subconscious bringing a ray of hope to every specific function, analyzing the concerns and wishes of the person and eliminating the conflicts. If you do not know what our massages are, do not miss the opportunity and start enjoying them. Our masseuses will be glad to assist you and offer you the best services. A world of sensations is waiting for you!

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