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Sexual appetite 5 tips to increase it, for males and females

What is libido? In essence, it is the innate sexual desire. As libido diminishes, physical intimacy between partners tends to become less frequent, and when it happens, it can be unsatisfactory. Low libido is a common and difficult issue for couples, which can undermine their bond. Let’s explore some ways to augment libido and rekindle the flame of passion.

1. Heighten libido by decreasing stress

Pressure can be a considerable factor in reducing libido. It is also likely to result in low physical arousal if one is stressed out. Therefore, concentration declines and unhealthy habits, such as substance abuse, gluttony, smoking, or other addictive behavior, can have a harmful effect on libido and assurance. In this case, instead of putting too much pressure on yourself during intimate moments, you should make small changes, such as including meditation or breathing exercises into your routine, and doing things that make you feel good. While it can be hard to completely get rid of stress, we can protect ourselves from its sources.

2. Stimulate your senses

One of the best ways to enhance libido is to make sure our pleasure centers are always active, both mentally and physically. It is essential to teach our bodies to experience delight in all its forms; connecting arousal with sensuousness is the secret to keeping healthy levels of sexual activity.

3. Incorporate aphrodisiacs

Even though desire is more complicated than consuming something pleasant, it is true that some foods can help awaken us. Search for foods that prompt happy hormones and blood flow, such as spicy foods that can help stimulate dopamine and blood circulation. Meanwhile, dark chocolate (a minimum of 70%) is always an excellent aphrodisiac, as it contains tryptophan, a component of serotonin, and phenylethylamine, a stimulant akin to amphetamines that is released in the brain when you first fall in love. Furthermore, green leafy vegetables, pomegranates, citrus fruits, garlic, almonds, chicken, and seafood are good allies.

4. Experiment with erotic audio

More and more people, male and female, are taking an interest in erotic audio applications – so-called “ear porn”. These stories will take the listener on an auditory adventure. Allowing yourself to explore fantasies is a good way to grow closer to the body’s energy. The brain is a major factor in sexual response (or its lack thereof), and plenty of options exist to awaken one’s sex drive, be it in written, audio or video form.

5. Reconnect with your body

Set aside some time to get back in touch with your body; sex isn’t necessarily required if you don’t want it to be. You can massage your abdomen, legs, or face. Compose a list of your favorite body parts on paper; take nude photos of yourself. You can even involve your partner in this activity, although it has nothing to do with sex – it’s all about intimacy and de-stressing. Believe it or not, masturbating can actually help increase your libido even if you don’t feel like it. It releases hormones that help us to relax and sleep better.

Extra Tip. Give erotic massage a shot

Erotic massages are a great way to increase sexual desire in both men and women. They help us to relax totally and stimulate erogenous zones, thus increasing blood flow and making us more aware of the sensations.

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