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What is the Nuru Massage?

Nuru massage is known for its characteristic of being a slippery treatment. In this massage, the masseuse uses her whole body to work on the patient’s body, not just her two hands. This is done through the use of special oils that are placed on the patient’s body to facilitate the movement of the masseuse. Also, being in a prone position and feeling the body of another person on yours is an extraordinary experience. This massage has become popular in many countries for its advantages.

How it is performed?

Performing a Nuru massage is a simple process. You will need oils so that the body can move smoothly. The masseuse will then determine the best way to start. She will place her whole body on the patient’s and move in a way that produces pleasure and relaxation. Nuru massage has many advantages for the patient, as it significantly reduces stress. It is also a purely corporal treatment that provides different sensations to those obtained using only the hands. Furthermore, its use in foreplay prepares the senses for a more pleasurable experience.

Where can I get this massage?

Today, many men still want to experience the sensations of a nuru massage. In Spain, it is a trend that has become popular in recent times. She is in the wellness industry, where both men and women strive to look and feel their best, as stress is an inevitable part of life. For this reason, we have created a spa and massage center, in which professional masseurs will use their knowledge and techniques to provide their clients with a moment of pleasure and relaxation.

At Tantric Massages Fuengirola we are exclusively dedicated to performing erotic massages and one of our specialties is the nuru massage. In essence, it is an excellent option to temporarily forget about all our worries for half an hour. Leaving the massage parlor, you will feel re-energized and experience a vitality that you have never had before. When considering a nuru massage, you will receive much more than just a massage. It is a total experience that synchronizes all your senses and helps you reconnect with your inner self. Often we are so disconnected and bogged down with external issues that we stop app

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