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Tantric practices: a guide to unlocking inner balance and spiritual connections

What are tantric practices?

Tantra is an ancient practice whose foundation lies in Hindu and Buddhist philosophy. It is a spiritual practice that is intertwined with sexuality, mindfulness, and sensual experiences, whether those are shared with a partner or experienced alone. Tantric practices are designed to help us unlock inner balance and spiritual connections, but that doesn’t mean they’re easy to understand. This guide will explain the basics of tantric practices and provide tips for getting the most out of them.

What Is Tantra, Anyway?

At its core, tantra is a collection of scriptures, techniques, and spiritual technologies that come from texts dating back to the 3rd and 4th centuries. It has elements from both Hindu and Buddhist traditions, and its intention is to cultivate personal transformation and success in life and spiritual practice. Every practice that uses the physical body can be traced back to the roots of tantra – this includes common yoga asanas or postures.

Using Tantra To Unlock Spiritual Connections

Tantra offers different spiritual technologies and techniques, and each is designed to help us make more meaningful spiritual connections. One of the most popular tantric practices is Tantric sex, which encourages mindful and sensual experiences. Its aim is to reach an expanded state of consciousness, where the physical and spiritual planes meet. According to ancient texts, this type of meditation allows us to align with the Divine.

Exploring The Practice Of Tantra

In order to really dive into the practice of tantra, it’s necessary to understand what’s involved. Tantric practices often focus on breathing exercises, or pranayama. This can include something as simple as a 5-minute warm-up of slight body movement while synchronizing breath with every inhale and exhale. It is important to remember to be purposeful with one’s breath while practicing any type of tantra.

Tantric practices also involve sensual touching and massage. This simply means that you and your partner should take turns massaging each other’s arms, legs, neck, and other areas of your body. It is important to remember to remain mindful throughout the massage and to focus on your breath.

In addition to physical touch, Tantric practices also involve a variety of meditations and inner work. One popular meditation is called the Bliss Breath. This meditation involves creating a whispering sound on the inhale, and then fully releasing it on the exhale. This helps spread the orgasmic energy throughout your body.

Specific Tantric Practices

There are some specific tantric practices that focus on one or two of the above elements. For example, lingam massage is a tantric sex practice focused on massaging the penis. It may include massaging and stroking the penis as well as focusing on other areas such as the testicles, perineum, and the prostate.

The body is an important part of the tantric practice, as it is the vehicle through which we get to experience spiritual connections and enjoy our divine nature. Without our bodies, we wouldn’t be able to enjoy any of the pleasures that tantric practice provides.

Philosophical Overview Of Tantra

The overall philosophy of tantra can be summed up as “nothing is divine”. Sexual practice is seen as a spiritual practice and a tool for growth. White Tantra – a type of tantra that doesn’t involve physical touch – serves to enhance the connection between the physical realm and our inner world.


Tantric practices offer a variety of spiritual technologies and techniques that can help us unlock inner balance and spiritual connections. From breathing exercises to spiritual meditations, tantric practices are designed to help us fully enjoy the experience of living and loving. If you’re curious about exploring this practice, the best way to start is by learning the basics and finding a teacher to guide you along the way. Contact us!

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