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How to practice tantric love: discover the secrets of this ancient philosophy.

How to practice tantric love

Tantra is an ancient Indian philosophy dating back 5,000 years. This philosophy seeks to connect people on another, deeper level through sexuality, love, and meditation. Modern “tantric sex” is a practice that aims to enhance the relationship between a couple by tapping into the senses in a conscious and safe situation. Although associated with sexuality, Tantric Sex does not necessarily have to be sexual, but also a strong connection between two people. If you are interested in learning more about tantric love and how you can experience it with your partner, read on to discover the secrets of this ancient philosophy.

Tantric love is a meditative activity that is all about exploring sensations with your partner at that moment. This activity should be slow and pleasurable for both of you. To ensure that a Tantric Sex session is successful, care must be taken by both parties to ensure that deep relaxation is the priority.

Practicing Absolute Presence

The rhythms of day-to-day life, work, anxiety, and traffic get in the way of seeking full attention to each other. This mindfulness connection is an excellent step toward soul connection with your partner. You can try looking at your partner to decipher what he or she is feeling. Eye contact is an essential part of the tantric connection.

Connect the five senses

One way to connect the five senses is with the tantric embrace. This posture requires the woman to embrace the man with her arms and legs sitting on her knees. This posture serves as a starting point for the connection between the two. It is important to maintain eye contact between the couple throughout the experience. This is essential to get tantric sex practiced successfully.

Explore the universe of the tantric love

Tantric sex will take you to another level of exploration. For best results it is advisable to master your breathing. Deep breathing allows you to relax, so you can bond on a deeper level with your partner. Rhythm play also plays a part in tantric sex. This exploration of other universes can enhance a couple’s awareness and deepen their intimacy.

Discover the secrets of Tantra

Tantra is a concept that encompasses many things, including sexual exercises that are associated with yoga. This philosophy seeks personal growth, meditation, and balance between the individual and the couple. The tantric path is not about reaching an end goal, but about discovering the sensitivity offered by the senses in a conscious way.

In conclusion, Tantric love is an excellent way to improve your relationship with your partner. The philosophy of Tantra will help you connect in an intimate way, exploiting your senses through awareness and exploration. Once you discover the secrets of this ancient philosophy hand in hand with your partner, you will be able to experience the best feelings that Tantric love has to offer.

Enjoy the adventure and enjoy your connection with your partner.

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